Summer Camp at Grosse Pointe Music Academy

Grosse Pointe Music academy will host summer camp for students of all instruments aged 9-17.  Spend 1 or two weeks this summer getting better with your instrument and becoming more complete musician.  Students involved in private lessons currently as well as new students will have a great time learning new things and playing with other young musicians.  Music camps give students the space to study and learn in great detail what it means to be a musician.  All students will learn more about their instrument and also, music theory, ear training, composition, improvisation and so much more.  Each camp will have a maximum of 20 students with max 5-1 student-teacher ratio.  The goal will be to learn as much as possible and have fun doing it!  Learning with other aspiring students and having teachers that are absolutely passionate about music will ensure a great experience for everyone involved.

Summer Camp

In 2002 I began offering guitar camps for my guitar students and new students that were looking to get started playing.  After the first camp it became absolutely clear that guitar players benefited strongly from the process of immersion that the camp experience brings.  When a student becomes completely involved with the process of learning music it is hard to become a lot better even in a short amount of time.  Students who fully participated in all of the processes of camp were gaining in ability before their own eyes.  Simply put, when you are in music camp for 5 hours per day, you will get better.

by Henry Bahrou

GPMA School Director






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