Music Together winter semester starting soon!

Leaves Are Falling All Around!

While it seems like we just started the Fall semester, we are already halfway through! This is one of our favorite times in each semester – when we have all learned most of the music and we are more confident to sing a little louder, share and laugh more during class, layer our voices in rounds and experience how natural it is to improvise musically! The children have also settled in and some are surprising us every week with more and more singing and moving. We hope your families are enjoying how the Flute song collection is becoming part of your car rides, conversations at home, and special moments too!

International Peace Day

Thank you to all of our families who were able to join in the International Peace Day celebration! More than 50 people of all ages gathered together at the Woods Library with the Grosse Pointe Momprenuers and the Detroit Children’s Choir to help spread peace through music.

Detroit Children's Choir

The Detroit Children’s Choir’s Artistic Director, Lauri Hogle, shared her thoughts on the event which sums it up perfectly, “On a day such as the International Day of Peace, I cannot think of a more fitting celebration of peace, love, joy and unity than the older children of the Detroit Children’s Choir joining in song with younger children of Music Together. A powerful bond across the ages was formed in today’s performance workshop as world music rounds were sung, hands were spontaneously joined, and older mentored younger through singing and movement. It was a delight for our children to participate in this special day of partnership that brought together Detroit area children in the joy of music-making!”

It was very special for all who could attend and if you missed it, you can still enjoy the experience through our video recap of the celebration.

Our celebration was also part of the international Music Together celebration and you can see how programs from around the world celebrated at the site.

Every day presents an opportunity to spread peace and it can be as easy as sharing a song or even just a smile with others!

Upcoming Parent Education Event – November 9

In just a few weeks we will be hosting parent education events in Canton at 4:00 pm and in Grosse Pointe at 1:00 pm. Center Director and teacher Sarah Boyd will lead the discussion of how music helps throughout children’s developmental process, how parents are the most important model with music engagement, and age-specific activities to encourage musicality. We will have an activity for children during the parent discussion and will also have a family sing along after. Please RSVP to if you plan to attend. If you are unable to attend, please ask your teacher specific questions for your child or feel free to email questions to

Winter Pre-Registration Starting Soon!

You will soon receive details for Winter Registration. Remember it pays to register early since during the pre-registration phase there is a $10 discount.

Hummingbirds Music Together looks forward to sharing many more songs together this semester!

Sarah Boyd, Hazimah Sovoda and Emily Schienke







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