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Music Camps are popular during the summer months because it gives students a chance to immerse themselves in a musician’s lifestyle of practicing and learning new things.  Grosse Pointe Music Academy is offering 2 weeklong camps designed to give budding musicians the space to learn, practice, and be creative in music.  With extended class times students can make very big strides in their practice habits and abilities.

At the Grosse Pointe Music Academy Summer Music Camps students will learn more about their principle instrument by practicing and playing with others.  Students will also learn more about the following musical subjects:


Music Theory

Music Theory isn’t really a theory.  It is essentially a system of what to call things in music.  Notes, chords, scales, rhythm patterns, and other things in music all have names and functions.  Learning music theory is great for musicians who want to write music or communicate musically with others.


Writing music your own music is something that is within reach for anyone taking up music.  The fundamentals of songwriting are a great tool for players of all instruments and vocalists.


Yes we are talking about practice.  Anyone who is serious about anything will stare this word in the face and not try to run from it.  The inevitable practice is what makes makes our rough edges smooth and turns effort into the effortless.  Practice, Practice, Practice should always be done for those that want to me good.  Since it is inevitable then sit back and enjoy the process.


The presence of an audience and having to perform is enough to make some people want to run away and hide.  For whichever reason there seems to be a fear of public performance for speakers, singers, and instrumentalists.  Learning to keep cool and stay focused under pressure will certainly help in most situations.

Music History/Appreciation

So much is learned simply by doing nothing but listening.  Knowing a little about the musicians of our past can be very enlightening.  Music has clearly evolved dramatically over the years but the influences from the past continue to show.


Improvisational skills are great for all musicians.  Making quick decisions on what to play and when to play it can be very useful to musicians.


CLICK HERE FOR OUR 2013 CAMP Information

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